WTSPROP- need help to recover funds

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  1. I have a trading account with WTS PROP. I stop trading 5 months ago. Then I saw there was trading activity for a month that I did not do.

    How would I pursue them in court to recover funds.


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  2. CALI002


    you need evidence and documentation that this in fact actually happened.

    every single detail should be covered.

    for instance, if a trade occurred on 3/31/2011 at 2:55:13, you should be able to pinpoint exactly what the exact trade that was executed. Additionally, you should be able to also evidence, where you were precisely when this happened. (A doctor's appointment, shopping purchase, starbucks coffee, etc.)

    When presenting such facts, evidence will show sway that there are in fact inconsistencies.

    FYI - how was your experience with WTS Prop otherwise?
  3. I operated a branch office for a short time. Due to unforseen circumstances I had to pull out, I left on good terms, I explained my situation to the branch manager in NY , but once I did they quickly forgot about me. They still have an office operating due to my efforts with over 15 traders. I requested my statement for my personal account . Not my branch account that I had. Nicole the compliance officer will not honor my request. She confirmed I have an account, but will not give me my statements and trader IP addresses to confirm fraudulant trading in my account. Once I left they traded my account to $100.00 ( that is the balance Nicole confirmed ) My account had 850.00 when I pulled out. Since they have a 1 year hold period , I could not request my funds when I left . And i can prove all of it.
  4. When you saw unauthorized trades, did you notify them immediately?

    If not, you ratified the trades by not complaining.

    Anyway, first check if they are a member of an organization that offers arbitration or are regulated by an entity you can file a complaint with.

    If not, sue in small claims court. Send them a courtesy copy after you have prepared your formal Small Claims complaint in final form ready to file, and hold it for 10 days to give them an opportunity to settle. (This is not the same thing as threatening to sue without having the documents all set to file).