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  1. Any members trade with this firm? Can anyone provide feedback about them?

    Here's the info I have received from them over a few emails.

    -$.55 cents per Options contract, that’s an ALL IN fee, no extra fees.

    -(.005) or $5 per 1000 shares for Equities, but this rate can go down with the access of the various ECN routes we have and with the rebates offered through WTS.

    Payout Structure:

    -99% payout on the options trades per month. With the 1% going back to the prop firm, this is an SEC rule for prop firms in that 99% can be the highest payout.

    -95% payout for the equity trades per month. With the 5% going back to the prop firm, as we build the volume in the prop firm with equities the payout will only go higher.

    -The Prop Firm pays out the traders once per month usually around the 30th of every month.

    -Can trade both Options and Equities on the same platform.

    -Professional direct access platform with multiple routes and ability to trade various ECN’S.

    -Completely customizable with thousands of various settings, in the Charts, Level II, Time and Sales, Options Chain, Stock filters, and Hot Keys.

    -The only fee that the Prop Firm charges per month is the $169 Sterling Platform Fee. This is a direct fee coming from Sterling.

    -20 to 1 on your capital

    -No minimum daily requirements for stocks or options, you trade your own strategy, how you want to trade

    -The minimum capital contribution to open an account is $5,000. Yes, no training fee's at all.

    -We cover the cost and study material for the series 56 license

    -Trader pays $125.25 for FINRA registration
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    Any desk fees? 20 to 1 seems relatively low relative to what most firms give as a max. .005 a share is relatively steep too!
  3. Remote traders accepted to trade from home? Yes, all of our traders are remote.

    Sorry, didn't ask that question.
  4. hitnrun


    very high commission . not a good deal
  5. Shanb


    agreed, wonder who they are targeting?
  6. hitnrun


    usually a deal that is offered to new traders by some firms

    better off shopping around for a more competitive deal

    wts offers better deals then that . one of the worst i have seen from them
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    Or relative noobs. (sorry, that was too tempting)
  8. swag


    Do they allow option spreads/naked and overnights? Is that 20 to 1 on options also? Or just equities?
  9. I am interested as well I will take a look to see what I can find.
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    So, what rate would you all offer a trader who only puts up $5000, to trade equites and options with basically no return from profits, only commissions. Taking into account all the fixed costs, risk of running the firm, compliance and don't forget the cost of borrowing risk capital and setting up an office with rent, Internet and tv costs. He was also not required to hit any volume numbers.

    If it were your firm, what would you offer someone new?
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