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  1. Are there any traders that operate or trade under a WTS prop branch. I am looking for feedback good or bad if anyone has had direct experience with WTS under this arrangement. Not as a new trader under the training program - this is a different setup. Please only reply if you or someone you know has traded under this sructure - I have already read many posts about WTS both good and bad from many on this board. I am only looking for responses from those with rel experiance with them not just what they read or heard. Thank you. And before you think this is someone shilling b/c it is my first post please save it. Thanks
  2. You won't see anyone posting negative information. Even though I don't see them as a sponsor on the site, somehow any negative post about them gets removed.
  3. i run one. pm me and i'll give you the scoop
  4. What has your experience been like running a branch with them?
  5. Interesting....do they have a chicago branch?
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    Actually, WTS is a growing healthy company. Its culture is excellent.
  7. Good Luck to those who wish to waste their time
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    You're wasting your time. Trust me!
  9. You are wasting your time, just do a search on these board, there is not one good thing said about WTS. and remember that Simon had 50% perecent of negative threads removed by his lawyer sister, by threatning baron with legal action.
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    Are you a push or pull start?
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