WTI on ICE versus NYMEX

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    Hi there,

    I noticed ICE Futures Europe has a lot of volume in WTI as well. Contract specifications look identical to the NYMEX CL contract? Are prices here basically fully arbitraged and in lockstep with NYMEX CL?

    Any reason at all to trade ICE WTI versus NYMEX?
  2. Other than the occasional day long outage at ICE it's all good, it will save you some commissions but I'd rather stay with NYMEX... learned my lesson with WTI awhile ago and haven't been back. Also, WTI had different opening times (don't know if this is still true) which I never liked either.
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    I hate the fact that ICE doesn't give you delayed quotes for free right on their website, like CME does.

    Any ideas where I can get (delayed) ICE Europe options quotes?
  4. Cash settled so your FCM will probably let you trade them up until exp, whereas if it was Nymex, they will probably make you close out or give you a hassle about it.
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    I'm looking at end of day numbers for ICE.

    It looks like although the future is active, the options are completely ignored. No volume, no OI.

    Does anyone know how to actually *trade* the options? I use R|Trader, and it lets me select WTI/Brent options, but I'm not seeing any price quotes.
  6. I think its a ghost town there in the options, don't quote me on that though, as I don't have WTI on webice at the moment though
  7. Trading ICE options is possible but probably need to use a voice broker for those. Pretty sure ICE tried putting options on the screen a few years back, but it didn't really take off.
  8. I'm positive that you can, but the volume just isn't there.
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    A year later, any updates on ICE WTI?

    I have to say, very disappointed by NYMEX WTI closure during Presidents Day. Big move on ICE WTI during the interim.
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    "Any reason at all to trade ICE WTI versus NYMEX?"

    No reason at all. I know groups with uber-ECNs including co-located servers who gave up on that arb - you will get picked off and flipped on the ICE side. Frequently.
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