WTI Ftrs 58% returns in Sept?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Engy, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Engy



    Bloomberg reporter reported the following:
    "Through September,... benchmark West Texas Intermediate futures surged 58 percent [in returns]."

    Does anyone know how they got the 58%? Or, if your numbers match theirs? I wonder if I am reading that wrongly.

    Thx in advance for checking w. me.
  2. They mean year to date, till Sept 30.
  3. Engy


    Oh, good. Thanks very much! Did they just add the day-to-day price changes for the last 365 days before Sept 30, minus banking holidays?
  4. usman88


    lol no stupid

    you dont know how to calculate percentage change and you are trading.....now this is really something
  5. Engy


    This is a question: Are (How are) you sure that the 58% they are quoting is

    Price (on Sep30) / Price ( on Sep30 - 1Y )

    Instead of

    ( Log Price (on Sep30) - Log Price (on Sep30 - 1Y) ) x 100% ???

    In the second case, if you added the daily changes in log price over the last year, you get the same answer as above.... those log traits!

    Question is (again): the 58%, is it the first or second?
  6. usman88


    first one
    and it would be 1st Jan instead of Setp-1Y
  7. Engy


    Appreciate it!