WTI Crude oil

Discussion in 'Trading' started by yongda, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Buy time for Crude !!!
  2. Yup.

    I use to long crude by buying CAD. It was over 90% correlated back in the day. Now it's pretty much at 0. I'm not a big fan of buying the stocks in lieu of commodities either.
  3. Yeah, I agree. If you want to buy oil, buy it directly. CAD has other factors at work besides the petro-correlation that can mess you up. Even with 90% correlation that 10% can ruin your day.

    Back in 2006, I remember hearing about Dennis Gartman, who runs a pretty respected newsletter, wanting to be short copper so he shorted one of the copper mining companies instead. They announced a merger in November 2006 and the stock spiked up blowing his whole profits for the year. Copper remained down for the rest of the year.