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    Hi all

    Any good idea why does the spread plunged to -6, and a little bit more..

    Any fundamental reason ??????

  2. Cushing.
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    Last week, open interest in the WTI Nymex futures rose by 4.94%, while the ICE Brent futures open interest rose by 7.35%.

  4. greg25


    Yesterday i check the data and i see the stocks in Padd II are at historical levels.

    I also think that this http://transcanada.essentialtalk.com/media/4/ alsa can be an important reason.. the Keystone pipeline..


    and have a nice day
  5. Lot of talk about specs and long-only commodity funds moving from WTI to Brent as a result of pending regulatory changes, position limits, etc...

    What are the domestic (US) implications if this spread blows out to $20? Better for consumers to have the specs run up Brent while WTI languishes, or is this an overly simplistic view?
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    I am from Europe (Spain) so i prefer them.. to stay in WTI!!!!!!


  7. It would become feasible to build a trans-atlantic pipeline from the US, starting at Houston or New York City, to Europe, ending at either London or Rotterdam, and "bust" the spread. :D
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    Don´t Give them Ideas.. !!!! they will say the trasncanada whorkers , just turn right a litle bit at Cushing, Oklahoma and don´t stop untill London !!!!!

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    Take a guess what the tanker rates have done.
  10. greg25


    Any nice site to follow the tanker rates (free site if posible) ????

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