WTH, so hard to find a CPA re: traders

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by professorkev, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. So I met with a CPA in OCtober(late) and he said he would be willing to take me on as a client and would have to look through everything and decide which route would be best. numerous calls later and failure to call back in a timely manner left me with nothing but aan email from his PT CPA with a Estimated tax coupon to NYS and the IRS. WooHOO!

    So I look for another CPA, an established firm that a friend uses and loves for personal taxes. He responds:
    "However, there are just a few things we steer clear of and day trading is one of them. sorry i can't be of assistance to you"

    WTF, why is it so Hard to find a CPA, shouldn't be this difficult. BEing from Syracuse NY, a smaller city...I think I might use that green guy online or another online guy from CT. anyone else run into this problem?
  2. if you hire an auditor and can provide a CPA with AUDITED results you will have no problem at all...

    can you figure your own stuff out? if not how would you expect (for a reasonable fee) someone else to?
  3. I want somone to figure it out for me and set up an entity correctly. I don't care if they charge 3K or what; I'm paying a professional to do a job and do it right. Now if I try it I may do it right, but if Mr. Taxman comes knocking on my door and says No No No you missed something and now owe taxes on that 100K"

    I want peace of mind and a couple thousand is worth that! Hell make that much in 2 days!
  4. Call 312-634-3150. Ask for Bobby at RSM McGladrey. They specialized in tax advisory for BDs and prop trading. Tell him "Nick who is not allowed to play men's league hockey at Johnnys Ice House" sent you.
  5. Ha Ha HA, Laughed at the quote. Don't want to get in the middle of a battle with that one! Thanks I might try it tomorrow! I'm just a lil' guy learning after 2 years of trading, as long as you think thats' ol and he can set up entities, if warranted...
  6. So I'm going to call Greentrader tomorrow and tradertax and a CT. guy named HArtmann and a local. Man I need to get this done and over and established.