WTG Praetorian!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by uptik2000, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Nice job on (GROW) Harris. Looks like you were taking some in at $5-$6(just a few months ago)...skyrocketing to $11 today.

    Care to explain why you liked it?
  2. (GROW) now up another buck and change. Harris, you gonna enlighten us?
  3. i havent seen him around here in a while. maybe he got tired of the bs.
  4. I don't blame him.
  5. I'm here.

    My lawyers would kill me if I said anything meaningful about anything meaningful-- so unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave you guys scratching your heads.


  6. also --- Great Gold Play!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! :)

    hey it is November 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more hurricane season!!! :D
  7. how is your year going? is your performance record in print anyplace where we can see?
  8. Babak


    Ha ha! :D Good man.

    Where was GROW mentioned previously on the board? I can't find it and a search for the symbol isn't helpful since its a word as well.

  9. Someone else mention this too but if you don't mind answering how has the performance been and how big is your fund at this point. IF you can't answer these questions can you point to a site that can answer those questions? I have been wondering how you have been doing.
  10. hi HK
    any chance you visiting nyc this towards the holidays ?

    or do you trade and fly your friends and family
    down to FL ?

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