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  1. what the hell was that at the close?
  2. eom


  3. Quah


    Merrill dumping 1000+ SP's after being a buyer thru 1213's
  4. I thought I have seen everything.. but that was nuts...

    So well for the trend is your friend.. that was insane..
  5. PUKE IT UP BABY!!! :D

    what a paycheck at the close --- HHHHHOOOOOOUUUUUAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    btw, that was a "set-up" prior to the fed day tomorrow. :eek:
  6. I have to admit it looks a bit raw today. :)

    Guess the Fed tomorrow has some people jumping out early.
  7. hmmm... terror attack... comming soon to a neighborhood near you?
  8. STILL moving down.. .crazyee.
  9. Dell warns after bell.. i doubt this was tied to that.
  10. so what does this imply about the FED tommorrow?

    Maybe a CHANGE in language addressing inflation?

    We sold off 10+ Handles with a major IB selling without abandon... they must know something...

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