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  1. Is there a reason for this nonsense in the ES ?

    9 handle jam down followed by a 15 handle jam up. Did some news come out ?
  2. Asian markets going up like crazy. Up 2.5% in 1/2 an hour.
  3. News the govt may take larger stake in C and convert preferred stake to common.
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  5. Have you seen the bond, 10 and 5 notes volume is very high for this time of day
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    i stopped to trade fixed income for the past few months - it is insane.

    this will be an interesting day in all asset classes. it is also an important week seasonally...
  7. euro is very active also, rocket up

    stable at the moment
  8. This shit is stupid.
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    Maybe it is related to Hillary visiting in China......selling Treasury bonds? You keep buying our bonds and we will keep buying your exports. Stosh
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