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  1. WTF, did IB do anything drastic with margin requirements ?
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  3. I hold stocks and bonds only, so it does not make sense. I had 3000 in excess liquidity on my account (long term holdings), then suddenly 20k got liquidiated, while my equity stayed almost the same.
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    I'd call IB. But before you do remember that their margin system is more or less real time. There were some rather dramatic moves today so you may have triggered some auto-liquidation.

    If you don't hold many issues I'd look at their individual charts for today and see if they might have dipped more or less simultaneously.

  5. Thanks for answering, yes thats probably what I have to do, I hold 150 issues so them dipping at the same time cannot be the cause, and even if it were my capacity should have bounced back up by now, but it has not. It seems I can now hold a bit less than 3x my equity, the 25% maintenance margin have always before allowed me to hold 4x.
  6. Hilarious, maintenance margin requirements for investment grade bonds are now 35%. Pretty damn strickt. When they first raised from 10% to 20% in august at least they bothered to send out an e-mail first. ARGH!! forced to sell at the bottom..
  7. agreed but better than a blow up and we all lose our scratch because some jack ass is leveraged 57000:1 (ala leh, bsc, lol)
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    so you have 150 issues with only 3000 of excess liquidity? hmmm.. wonder why something got liquidated....
  9. Access to credit is not exactly evenly distributed, leh bsc etc can hold toxic mortage debt 30:1 or more, IB wount let me hold AAA debt 3:1 sic..
  10. These were long term holdings bought over the years from 2002, small stakes.

    OK I did not expect this bear market to get this deep, but change in policy at the worst possible time certainly do not help.
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