wtf with IB data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Bob111, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Bob111


    most of nasdaq stocks are totally f**ed

    almost every stock on my screen is crossed.

    no way to see correct PnL
  2. chud


    same here. i posted about this last week as well.
  3. Bob111


  4. balda


    I am in Los Angeles

    SOX jumps between 500 and 506

    AAPL jumps 2% up and down

    all happens on a tick
  5. nassau


    same here and I have spoken to several trades remote who all are having the same problem.
    I spoke with IB who then acknowledged the problem and is going to look into it.
    We noticed this has happened more and more over the last few wks.

  6. Bob111


    i have lots of shorts today and price on those spikes down went right thru my target(whichs is open limit buy order)-none of them are executed.
  7. Bob111


    sound alarm not working either, unless it's your order executed and trigger it.
    875.3 what a f**ng mess once again.
  8. rayl


    I did see a lot of crossed quotes on GMS stocks as well. I think it was the directedge feed (not 100% sure, but I ended up blowing out all the destinations and visually filtering out the bad quote).
  9. chud


    ib stock quotes are all wrong again.