wtf was that?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bob111, May 28, 2010.

  1. Bob111


    IWM drop 1% in less than 5 min. any news?

    Thank you!
  2. ET99


    it's called profit.

    others might call it something else. (eg. #%@&!)
  3. spd


    Spain downgrade Bob
  4. Bob111


    Thank you!
    nice timing..low volume, middle of the day..perfect for those "flashers" to screw you on spreads
  5. Everybody on CNBC and Fox Business angry about the timing. Everybody caught long!

    Wrong psychology for the long weekend.
  6. ..and how about it being yesterday's news? I mean I'm so impressed by the independence and lack of herding behavior among the rating agencies! Their sage advice (and its timeliness) is worth every penny:

    "Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Spain had its AAA sovereign credit rating removed by Standard & Poor’s in the second downgrade of a euro-region government in five days, as the country’s first recession in 15 years swelled the budget deficit.

    The risk of losses on Spanish government debt rose to a record today, credit-default swaps showed, after S&P lowered the rating one step to AA+ and assigned it a “stable” outlook. " [source: ]

    And no, it wasn't this year either;)
  7. Today's downgrade was from Fitch not S&P.