Wtf was THAT?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Arnie, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Arnie


    Spoos just popped to 908ish
  2. Good morning. Did you just weak up?
  3. he ask a legit question, da mkt jus popped. maybe intel earnings

  4. INTC baby.
  5. Forget that - what the f*** happened in the YM

    Is that real?? Someone got a sweet fill at 8735! Unbelievable
  6. .18 vs 0.08 estimates

    More revs and increased margin expansion coming in the next quarter, they say.

    SPY's trading 91.50 !!!
  7. Arnie


    Yep, INTC

    I pitty the fool that was short :D
  8. my charts are screwed
  9. GAAP earnings were -7 cents. Fluff earnings were 18 cents
  10. This included a one time EU antitrust fine writeoff.

    .18c vs .28c last year...

    Having said that, INTC is incredibly optimistic in its forecast, and I think they're full of shit.

    This is a great time to sell the news.
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