wtf was that at 4pm. huge high vol selling

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. dang
  2. bonds


    bloodbath continuing after hours... whats the reason?
  3. no one seems to know, which prob means its something HEINOUS
  4. It's called a downtrend. You just haven't seen one in so long that you don't recognize it.
  5. yes, well, thats very clever.

    Im talking about the 5 point smack at 4pm, which has nothing to do with your response.
  6. Haven't seen that for a while.

    Could be a sneaky start for a bigger downside pop or some rogue tute got a wild hair and will regret it soon.

    Should have a better idea by tomorrow.
  7. Yesterday the ES futures went several pts over fair value around the close.

    Today they went several pts under after the close.

    My guess is that there were optimists with market buy orders, yesterday, but no liquidity; today, pessimists, with market sell orders, but no liquidity (after rth).
  8. Good answer!
  9. Could be wrong, but I think the move was too big to be explained this way...
  10. how could you be wrong. Those explanations are juvenile.

    The volume alone is enough to tell you this is not just a liquidity issue.

    In fact , there was plenty liq, it just got FARKED
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