WTF. Someone just bought 45,000 QQQQ Jan. 40 puts.

Discussion in 'Options' started by wilburbear, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. He kept scooping the offer.

    Have a nice weekend - somethin' might happen over the Jewish holiday.
  2. Quad witching might have something to do with it
  3. it was me
  4. No, it was me... I am Spartacus... :)
  5. option guru on cnbc just said market going 10-20% higher next 3-6 months because of high volume of put buyers.
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    thats what i was thinking
  7. dozu888


    trend fighting is a recreational sport
  8. went off around 1.50

    not an unreasonable hedge....
  9. Q12


    Say what??! Put/Call Ratio is 0.45.... that's twice as many calls as puts. Market is as extended as it's been in 25 years based on # of stocks trading at least 2 standard deviations above their 200-day moving average. While the market may head higher, shorter term it's screaming overbought.
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