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  1. LAST YEAR. i LIVE IN North Texas - dallas area..

    i got the best 12 month deal for electrictiy.. it was 7.9 cents. KWH.
    it was with

    this year.. we all know NG is all time low

    its like half of last year..

    i was hoping to get renewal rates of lesser than 7.9
    i got my letter from amigo energy for 8.6 cents. as if they are doing me a favor. @!!%#%^W@$% i will try shopping around...

    any adivce. .should I take the month to month plan..
  2. Finally a thread I can comment on. I sell electricity in Dallas! Natural gas is the fuel used, but you have to convert that fuel into electricity. The metric for that conversion is called a heat rate. While NG is at a low, heat rates are very high due to legislation and a host of other issues. With the debacle KKR has created from TXU I would suggest just signing a 12 month contract as low as you can find. Cirro Energy is who I have and who I would suggest you try. It is quite possible we have rolling blackouts and other service issues in the coming years. That will only make it worse.

    I am a broker who represents about 6 different providers for commercial use....point being I am just offering advice and won't make a dime off ya. Just glad to finally have something to say on ET!
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    Electricity prices aren't controlled by the market like natural gas is. And most of your electricity isn't generated from natural gas.
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    My price per therm for my NG heated home have not gone down at all as the years roll on by.Someone is cleaning up.:mad:
  5. The former MI governor granholm-D, mandated power companies produce x percent green energy bs in a state where the wind don't blow and the sun don't shine.

    The local power plant manager tells me that for their wind turbines, in some months it takes more electricity to run the tech and keep the oil warm than what the turbines produce. The government's solution is to mandate building more for green jobs and all.

    Ten-twenty years from now, the state will be polluted with 300 foot rusting hulks.

    And it's costing me, the customer substantially more for nothing in return.
  6. It is the same in the UK. I don't understand why they are doing this in a recession.