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  1. He's been warned repeatedly. He ran a site called selling signals for $400/month ($0 revenue) that closed last August... he's been warned against the cowardly retweet shit, yet he did it again today. He deleted the retweet (Twitter link) and then edited it to show only the ET link:

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  2. Surf stated in the chatroom that he was transparent about his vendor-status. Romik googled some text from one of his threads and found Surfer's $400/month site back in June or July 2015. He has never mentioned it here until it was mentioned again in his journal.
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    destriero, I think you are wrongly and unfairly accusing a veteran member here.
    What is your evidence?

  4. Troll,

    Perhaps the links and screenshots? TY for playing.
  5. hahahahahahaha, u can't be f*cking serious.
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    I admit I don't know the full facts yet, so I asked the OP for more info b/c the posted screenshot proves nothing.
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  8. well, you also fail to see the utility in the Greeks while building an options'-trading system, so.................................

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    Explain what you mean, because I don't see any evidence in the screenshot, and which links do you mean?
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