WTF...mobs now on buses?

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  1. Maverick74


    This shit is getting out of control. Now they are running on buses and attacking people?

    "In two separate incidents, as many as 15 teens have stormed Chicago Transit Authority buses, attacked their victims and darted off with cell phones and other electronic devices, authorities said Tuesday.

    Both incidents were near the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, prompting city and campus authorities to issue community alerts.

    In the first attack, near West Roosevelt Road and South Loomis Street at about 11:40 p.m. Saturday, a victim was struck multiple times before the thieves ran off with his cell phone.

    About 25 minutes later, near South Racine Avenue and West 13th Street, a student said he was sitting on a No. 12 bus when as many as 15 black boys and young men boarded the bus without paying. The student was hit in the back of his head with a glass bottle and was robbed of his iPod, said UIC police.

    An ambulance took the student to University of Illinois Medical Center for treatment, the alert said. Surveillance video from the bus may be available for review, it said.

    The young thieves were described as being between 14 and 20 years old, standing between 5 feet, 5 inches and 6 feet, 1 inches tall, and weighing between 140 and 180 pounds. They were last seen wearing baseball caps, shorts and T-shirts. Some of them had braided hair and others had short hair, the alert said.

    The community alerts come as other mob attacks in Streeterville and along the lakefront are making headlines. Five teens have been arrested in connection with the Streeterville attack, but police Supt. Garry McCarthy vowed to find more of them.

    Anyone with information about the bus attacks should call Area 4 detectives at 312-746-8253."

  2. They attack like pack animals.

    Question- If that kid was attacked by 15 men and used his licensed handgun to defend himself, would that be self defense? Or would the animals attacking him be the victims?
  3. hiptogo


    what is this world coming to!?
  4. Ricter


    Canada is letting a guy out (escorted) on days now, and I think it was only last year that he completely beheaded a fellow passenger on a bus.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    I remember reading about that guy who chopped off someones head on a greyhound.

    Is he really getting out?
  6. Maverick74


    Ricter..RCG....and whoever else is part of the race police here....if I point out that all these mobs are black, does that make me a racist? If so, then strike it from the record. I'm simply describe these mobs as non-white. Or better yet, a bunch of poor folks who got left behind due to the evils of the Bush administration and the tax cuts for the rich and the in-equality of society at large.
  7. Ricter


    Yeah. Escorted day outings I think they call it.
  8. TGregg


    Damn. He musta been a very small guy to be riding a greyhound. ;)
  9. So what do you guys think?

    Poverty + hot chicago weather = flash mobs?

    Black + poverty + hot chicago weather = flash mobs?

    Black + poverty + internet access + hot chicago weather = flash mob?

    Black + poverty + internet access + neglectful parents + hot chicago weather = flash mobs?

    I'm not dusting off the algebra book but just trying to figure this out. It has me thown for a "loop" :p
  10. Maverick74


    Of course it's the hot weather! Every idiot knows when you are poor and too hot you have no choice but to start robbing people and attacking them. I remember when I was kid and I got too hot during the summer. I would check to see if I had any money in my pockets (usually I didn't) and then realizing I had no choice but to start to plan large scale attacks on innocent people throughout the city. I mean what are you suppose to do when summer rolls around and your poor? Huh? Tell me! It's fucking 95 today in Chicago! I'm scared shitless now to get on the bus.
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