WTF!!! McCain Wants U.S. Government to Buy U.S. Homes And Renegotiate Mortgages!!!

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  1. It's true. Tonight. During the debate.

    They're discussing it on Fox - calling it the GROANING, LISTING, sinking ship of Republican, Free Market Economics.

  2. MSNBC had the graph with the partisan lines showing once he mentioned about buying mortgages, the Republican line dropped like a stone to where the Independent and Democrat lines were flatlining throughout his rant.
  3. All this is allowed within the bailout bill.

    What is more scary is that Obama will just rip up mortgages of the poor. Watch for this bailout to turn into the biggest welfare program ever

    HE IS A COMMUNIST WHO WANTS TO BUY ALL UNDERWATER MORTGAGES, REDUCE THE PRINCIPLE, AND REWARD ALL IRRESPONSIBLE AMERICANS. Homeowners who purchased their home and have paid down their mortgage, never missing a payment, are simply out of luck because their mortgage is not underwater like the irresponsible americans. HE WILL THEN ENCOURAGE THE IRRESPONSIBLE aMERICANS TO NOT PAY THEIR NEW, REDUCED, TAYPAYER-FUNDED MORTGAGE SINCE THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT FORECLOSE ON PEOPLE!

    Even the Neocons on FoxNews are up in arms over this one. I demand republicans explain to this forum how McCains proposal is not totally idiotic and such an evil form of socialism that it would make Lenin blush.

    I'm glad ByLoSellHi sees this proposal for the evil for which it is. I await if an ETer is foolish enough to even remotely defend this proposal from John McCain or try to shift attention to Obama.

    McCain is a 1000 times for socalist than Obama for the above proposal. McCain would truly fuck up the country, right where Bush left off if that proposal passes. I challenge anyone to disagree.
  5. I'm going to call you out, you dipshit. I've heard enough of your bullshit.

    I am vocal, but I'll never back down from what I say, and I'll always admit when I'm wrong.

    John McCain did nothing less than propose that 300 billion of U.S. taxpayer money be allocated and used to PURCHASE homes of American Citizens, and then have the U.S. Government renegotiate the mortgage payments on those homes.

    I don't know if he's senile, meant it, didn't mean it - but that's what he fucking said.

    If you want to dispute this, go for it.

    Man up if you dispute this. I will do the same if McCain did not propose precisely that by his own words (regardless of what could have possibly been floating in his brain).
  6. You're a fucking idiot. Obama never said he would rip up mortgages for the poor. THAT'S WHAT MCCAIN SAID U FRIGGIN IDIOT.
  7. Wait! What about the spending freeze?
  8. I don't recall him saying that. I DO recall McCain's statement.
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    I couldn't believe it when it happened, and now I'm stunned again. How the hell did McCain get to the top of ticket?:confused:

    The party is paying for it's "outspend the dems" ways now. Game over. BO in Nov, probably by a slide.
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    If that's true, then every person who couldn't qualify or afford a home loan and was given one by Fanny and Freddie should vote for McCain, he will make sure they stay in their homes.

    The democratic welfare recipients should be jumping up and down, we get to keep our homes.
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