WTF just happened- asia up big?!?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gangof4, Nov 20, 2008.

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    christ do i feel like the proverbial last man on the deal team. wtf caused everything to explode up in asia. can't find news anywhere. f-ing cnbc asia and bloomberg still reading the script they wrote 2 hours ago talking about the selloff in asia- could they be any more worthless.

    anyway.... anyone know?
  2. Maybe a Technical Bounce?
  3. News Break:

    "You are SHORT!" :D
  4. gangof4


    and this brings you pleasure how exactly....
  5. Going to be one heck of a short covering rally tomorrow :D
  6. wondering what the second part of the HSI will do
  7. Option pinning at 750, 775 and 800
  8. i am just kidding around. don't take it personally. good luck in your trading (long or short)!
  9. LOL!

    "You are SHORT!" "when you should be long"
  10. gangof4


    still have no idea what happened. of course, i understand the technical aspect of the run/short covering/etc- still, it happened pretty much every market at the same time, to include all currencies. my point: there was a trigger.

    anyone know?

    as an aside- my stop limit got lept over (10 point spread between stop and limit on sgxnk- never had it jumped b4. so, yeah... between that an my stop limit (20 fucking points!) being lept in HSI put me in a 'goodbye to your last 2 weeks of solid gains' position. thankfully, my add near the top in sgxnk saved my ass. i'm far from happy, but about as happy as one can be now that i'm down 'only' $2500. that was not fun...
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