WTF is wrong with these kids

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    actually not much wrong with them its just a pack of losers mentality if they smell fer on you they will attack in group.
  3. Kids learn bullying from their parents. I agree.
  4. Its sad on all fronts.

    I've seen so many kids make awful decisions in life.

    I do blame the parents 90% of the time.
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    who know some of these kids were trying to 'fit in' themself. It is hard to be an odd man/women out.
  6. I just heard of this story but I know exactly who to blame.

    Those incompetent fucks that run the school.

    If you need an explanation, get it elsewhere.

  7. Teachers and administration probably couldn't be bothered; they're waiting for their 3 month paid vacation. "Thats not my job description" I can hear them say.
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    These kids knew exactly what they were doing! I used to be that age and knew what the consequences of my action were. They should all be executed!!!! No excuses!!
  9. they raped her too?

    fuck these bastards, they should be executed ancient chinese style, execution by chopping off at the waist.:mad:
  10. I tend to agree. They can't claim they didn't know because the article says it was brought to their attention. The parents should sue the school district and administrators. Also of course the perpetrators and their parents. Let them use their college funds on lawyers.

    These administrators are quick to discern who they can safely ignore or fob off. You can bet if this poor girl had been a minority or gay, they would have stopped it immediately.
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