WTF is wrong with Kudlow?

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  1. Anyone else besides me notice how in the past month he has become increasingly bearish. He keeps talking about the so called importance of a 'strong dollar' rising inflation and other crap. It's as if he decided to abandon goldilocks altogether.
  2. How was rehab ?
  3. I'm sure he had a conversation...
  4. Hey! If it isn't our old contrarian friend Stock_trad3r! You still solvent?
  5. Kudlow is right up there with Cramer on losing money for people. kudlow was bullish throughout the ENTIRE tech implosion. "Now is a great time to buy" he'd say half way through the thing.

    He reminds me of perma bulls here that buy no matter what. WWIII? They'd buy.
  6. "hey, this is the best economy (of the US in history) story that's never been told"

    "hey, I am here to steer and direct your investment decisions, as I have the insight and access to the Whitehouse"

    "hey, this consumer lead revival in sales and earnings has been stong for the last 14 quarters, and more"

    just remembering what I believe he continued to say, almost like demigogery or propaganda for the adminstration...

    almost like a self appointed cheer leader, able to trounce and step on any other person invited onto his show on CNBC and shout them down, if they didn't agree with his (completely biased, completely republican, completely imaginery) viewpoints....


    reality never supported his presentations, and he is struggling to stay relevant, even to CNBC....

    hey, where's Robert Reich when we all need him?
  7. Bingo.

    And Cramer shall struggle, too.
  8. I hope kudlow is not falling for the imaginary recession hype
  9. trad3r

    we are already in recession big time you nut case. And its going to get a lot worse. We even have economists admitting it now. ( for example).

    of course none of the government or Wall St economists will admit this because they ARE NOT ALLOWED TO, for fear that it will slow consumption further.

    The tech crash inspired recession was due to a contraction in capital expenditures which was 18% of the economy. This one is going to be due to consumer spending shutting down AND credit shutting down. Approximately 80% of the economy (Source: WSJ, 3-8-08). It may be the nastiest recession we've had since the Great Depression (source: same article in Friday's WSJ).

    The consumer is completely tapped out, and can no longer take money out of their homes, and have record credit card debt. Many bank balance sheets are NEGATIVE. Exports don't even dent this problem. This is a major double whammy. A recession is the only thing that will shake it all out. Not only is it inevitable, its necessary.

    trad3r, you obviously haven't been through anything but good times, or you actually believe Kudlow. He doesn't even believe the crap he spews. He gets paid very well to spew it however, because of the ratings he gets. Its the Obama effect: people respond to positive news better than bad news, even if it makes no sense. How could this economy grow at this point when the consumer is up to his eyeballs in debt, and banks don't want to lend?
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    Kudlows carry trade must not be working out
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