Wtf is wrong with IQFeed???

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mtwokay, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. mtwokay


    Once again IQFeed laggs IB by a min or two, and that's while ES is in chop.

    Come on IQFeed, get your act together or punt on your upgrade and give us what used to work.
  2. The stupidity of their phone support is at a level seldom seen in the professional world. Half of them don't even realize there's a problem and the other half doesn't think it's their problem.

    Oh, btw, mymini recommends cqg, lol
  3. I have never seen it so bad as today. I've only ever been behind by 10 seconds at most. Today, it was lagging by a couple of minutes. What a piece of crap feed. It was worthless all afternoon.
  4. I used to recommend IQFeed routinely as a great data provider; but I agree that the feed has had significant lag problems for the past several months (at least since April).
  5. piggie


    IQFeed just added new servers which now generate second time stamp, inside bid/ask sizes on both real time and historical tick data. I am guessing the lag is perhaps caused by theses extra features as they do take up more bandwidth and CPU usage. Hope they fix this lag problem soon. More Quad Core servers ? :)
  6. topstep


    I also noticed the serious 2 minute+ lag today using DTNIQ plus quote tracker. I switched over to Ninja Trader and found about a 1 second lag which I can live with.

    QT tech support has suggested updating QT to version 3.8.5F . I attempted to do so but so far only version 3.8.5e seems to be available or else they simply have their labeling wrong.
  7. I think it's the feed. Sierra users are also getting lags.
  8. Are you sure it's IQFeed? I screen recoreded about 4 hours yesterday, running IQ and IB and never saw an intelligible difference between the two.
  9. What software are you using?
  10. I'm using IQFeed with Ensign and IB' api with Zerolinetrader.
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