wtf is with Etrade stock

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. damn
  2. hearing etrade freezing w/drawals
  3. gaj


    from trading accounts, or retirement, or...?

    glad i don't have an account there, sorry for those who do if true.
  4. just21


    They sell mortgages.
  5. That's incredible. Did they blow up? The implications would be fatal for retail investors.
  6. in a recent filing, they admitted to being investigated for front running. Nice bunch of guys.

    Know what, fuck them. We've been screaming and screaming, clean it up. Now, everybody pays. Take the leg, Doc. I can handle it
  7. you panic monger shorts just got clocked
  8. there was an article in the
    WSJ recently about their exposure to mortgages

    maybe 1 pm EST was the panic bottom of this move
    we will know for sure in the weeks and months ahead
  9. You must be a noob.
    E-Trade has HUGE exposure to mortgages.
  10. fusionz


    stock up 30% from lows in one hour what a ride:)
    #10     Aug 16, 2007