WTF is up with eSignal...again???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader56, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Anyone else having these periods where this freezes up for anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes?

    This seems to happen especially the first and last hour or so of the day, so while my MM windows are scrolling away this thing just sits.

    All other computer applications work great, over 2 gigs of RAM, minimze other applications during the trading day, dedicated business IP, and still this shit...
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    Noticed mine was doing that yesterday afternoon a few times. So far, good today.
  3. I fired e-signal years ago. Got tired of their 5-minute estimates becoming half an hour, while I was sitting there on backup data.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what are you using now?
  5. what version are you running?

  6. I have 10.2 and have been getting 2-3 second freezes the last few days.
  7. Running 10.1 - I think there's a beta tested thing, but haven't tried it.

    It was even worse in the last 20 minutes today - long freezes of several minutes at a time. I'd drop eSignal like third period French (one of the best lines in Ocean's 11) if the next jump up wasn't the expense of Bloomberg.

    eSignal is just the best of the worst, which isn't saying much. This has been an ongoing problem, but the research I've done into comparably priced charting packages has lead me to believe that I'm stuck with it until I can justify Bloomberg.
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    How many instances of esignal are you using? I have two esignal pages opened across two monitors and it can be a little slow at times but nothing too three is where it starts to shit the bed. Mind you i'm not linking it to any automating trading so it's not quite as important to some other esignal users.
  9. Well, I use only one Page, but have multiple charts and windows up on that Page, floated a cross several monitors. Wanted to do more then one Page, but the people at LiveRep said you could only open one Page at a time.

    So, the way to get 20+ charts, and 3 quote windows up is to put them all on one Page, then float them all with no symbol link so I can put different symbols in each chart. I don't link to any automated trading program either - enter and exit mostly on Limit orders.

    Open to any suggestions if you have them - I can trade on my MM because I can recall important price levels in the 2-4 stocks I'm trading at any given time, but it's a pain, and being a visual guy, I like the chart better than the numbers-only MM approach.
  10. I'm getting the freezes during fast markets. Noticed it's happening a bit lately.

    I'm running esignal 8. May upgrade to the latest version shortly to see if it is any better.

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