WTF is smoking?

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    Shares Mixed as Gold Glitters

    By Nick Godt

    M&A boosts the tech sector, but shares battle inflation concerns, which help the precious metal.

    Huh? gold was up like half a percent and gold stocks fell.


    So are their journalists predicting now, rather than the old standby of just reporting?
  2. :confused: No mention of a gold stock in the aticle. I think the columnist made a good was up even with the dollar strong yet nobody came in to book profits with it being up nicely on the month. am i missing something? I don't follow the dollar or gold tick by tick each day or anything, other than noting what the talking heads are saying.

    Seems like all he is doing is making the argument that gold prices might be point to higher inflationary pressure going foward. Its an opinion column too, though it does read like a summary sort of.

    Nothing in the article to make me think he's smoking anything though. :p
  3. hmmm ... looks like the streetdotcom
    writer was just rehashing my thoughts !

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    interesting ... since "katrina" the price of gold
    amd silver have been really strong
    looks like the gold / USD correlation is not
    so strong right now as a few weeks ago