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  1. I'd like to start a new ET thread where we get to post pictures or stories that make you go WTF was that about.

    To start:

    "Ana Catarian Bezerra, Brazilian Woman, Legally Entitled To Masturbate At Work (VIDEO)"

    In a decision that can only be described as touchy, a Brazilian judge has reportedly ruled that a 36-year-old female accountant can legally masturbate at work and watch porn on her work computer.

    Ana Catarian Bezerra successfully argued that she suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality, according to a viral news story.

    Her work situation began to suffer because the only way she can relieve her anxiety is by masturbating frequently, according to

    "I got so bad I would to masturbate up to 47 times a day," she said. "That's when I asked for help, I knew it wasn't normal."

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    I hope she's not a dentist.... :D
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    Wow, talk about a useless thread without pictures!
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  5. 6/10 but i'd still hit it.
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    43 times a day??

    I would have ranked her more like a 4, 5 tops.
  7. With such an active lifestyle, it's unlikely she'd remain overweight for very long.

  8. :D :D :D :D
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