wtf is it with yahoo site and trojans/malware

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ang_99, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Google links are fine, every time I click on the "next page" link of search results in yahoo or a link to a news story on yahoo I get these f'ing "scanning your computer" websites popping up.


    Any ideas?
  2. aegis


    I don't think it has anything do with yahoo. Sounds like malware.
  3. You can be sure it's not the Yahoo site if it's happening regularly.

    You'll either have to take your computer in or get to work
  4. Alvin


    Are they handing out free trojans??!!...
    EXTRA-LARGE w/ribs please :D
  5. copa8


    had similar problem awhile back. nothing worked/helped, except malwarebytes.
  6. This finds and kills virii and malware that no other program - none - that I've tried, does:

    Even the free version (linked above) allowed me to clean up many computers of family and friends when all else failed, and saved me the pain of using hijackthis.

    BWT, Yahoo sites are festering with malware.