WTF is it going to to take to get the security device from IB?????

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by steve0617, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Well, count me in as someone currently getting fucked by IB. I was issued a temp passcode which is supposed to work for 7 days I was told. Well, 4 days passed and right now I cannot get into my account. It's not taking my passcode anymore.

    This is great. 2 contracts on RB, 1 QM and 2 ER2s and I'm locked out. :mad:

    On the phone with IB and waiting for 5 minutes now.
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  2. PM Sal with IB or John with IB (both of them posted in this thread). Each of them individually told me to PM them if I ever had a problem with IB. Not going to help you with your current order, but it should get you past the first line of people at IB C/S.
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  3. I finally got a temp code. Not too happy with this. Thanks for the tip though.
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  4. jsmith


    IB warned that it was going to require security devices weeks before the transition. Anyone could have requested the security device even before IB required it.

    If this is your business, you should be prepared. Don't procrastinate until you are forced to use a security device and cry like a little girl when it never arrived.

    It's your OWN fault. You don't blame a stock when it goes against you.
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  5. Jsmith, you are a big jackass. You don't know the circumstances surrounding why I don't have my passkey. Did you even bother to ask? No, because your head is up IB's ass to even ask why I don't have my passkey.

    I was issued a temp code for 7 days. It expired in 5 days. Care to explain that, genius?
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  6. jsmith


    Aww, cry more noob.

    Like I said, anyone could've requested the security device before it was required. I know making a phone call is such a hard task.

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  7. "Getting fucked by IB" would hardly describe your situation of being out of your system for 5-10 minutes. You're overly dramatic.

    That said, why would you be locked out of your system in the middle of the day? Did it suddenly knock you out? Or did you sign out, and then not able to sign back in?


    EDIT: By the way, we've had a number of posts describe this temporary passcode as a 5-day passcode, not 7.
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  8. My TWS crashed, it happens from time to time. Unfortunately, today was the time. It's been resolved, I'll have my key on Monday but I'm going to opt out of using it if I can.
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  9. Catoosa


    Using the security token is easy enough. I am sure glad I have the extra account safety the token use provides. I wish all of my brokers offered the use of a security token. I bet you will be glad you have one after using it for a few days.
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