WTF is it going to to take to get the security device from IB?????

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by steve0617, Oct 1, 2007.

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    kingliam, at least you are lucky that the courier got your signature and delivered directly to you. In some cases, they just left it. The customer probably should not blame IB harshly for the courier's fault, but had IB notified the customer in advance that an STP is in the mail or so, the customer could have been more alert. By the way, I am using mine for a while, but the customer service claims that I have no STP according to the system.:confused:
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  2. Steve,

    Please PM your account details. I will resolve your issue today. Anyone else having a similar experience should do the same. If something isn't working as advertised, we will fix the process.

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    PMed you, Mr. Salvatore, thank you!
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  4. I apologize about blasting IB in my initial post that started this thread. I was VERY frustrated over this process stretching into its third week with seemingly no resolution after four attempts/contacts (three phone calls/temp passcode and an email C/S survey response I provided). It seemed I was stuck in a 'we're sorry - we'll look into it' then nothing kind of C/S mess that I didn't seem to be able to resolve.

    I have now been contacted by two different IB people here on ET both offering to help me get this resolved.

    Again, I apologize for my tone and well, swearing, in the first post. Frustration over something seemingly this simple as a replacement of their device got to me.

    Thank you
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  5. I have a question, out of curiousity.

    IB has an ongoing barrage of customer service complaints all over this site. Why don't you guys just beef your back-office. It seems that the IB reps on ET are willing to help and resolve these problems, so what's the problem.
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  6. I have just been contacted via phone by IB to get this resolved. A new device is on its way to me (I've been given the waybill number already).

    Thank you to IB Salvatore and John - IB for your help in getting this resolved.
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    I just received a support email from Dell yesterday. Together with the answer there was a link one could click and rate the rep's helpfulness and quality of the answer. IB could seriously use something similar.

    I'm not an IB customer but was inquiring about becoming one and after 3 emails all from different people nobody answered my question. It was just bs resulting in wtf. I'd love to go back and click a perfect zero stars to these people. And especially to the one who didn't answer my 4th query.
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  8. IB views LOCKING a Customer out of his account...
    In effect shutting down someone's business...
    For ANY reason...
    As something that should happen on a regular basis.

    It's a very good lesson for the Customer...
    To teach that IB is all-powerful and above the law.
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  9. Nah, I don't in any way believe it was punitive with what happened. I do believe it was a C/S breakdown/failure that was resolved once I swawked in the correct place.

    I really don't think it'd be in their best interests to intentionally try to screw their clients our of accessing their accounts.
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  10. Just a sidenote. IB tends to be inflexible and slow to fix problems. I think IB should review their procedures so customers get real help and get out of the trouble in a prompt manner. They seek help by calling the help desk, but most of the time they couldn't help. They say they will resolve the issue ASAP, but they say only. No action.

    When you get no problem, IB is fine. If problems occur to you (whether it's your fault or their own fault), you will be screwed up.

    For example, let's say your account is locked up due to a false security trigger implemented in IB security system. If you ask IB to unlock your account, what they say is there is nothing they can do except waiting until the system unlock your account. What? This is the only solution.

    The above is not just an ad hoc case. There are many cases reported in EliteTrader which makes me feel IB relies on its system too much, and if their system fails or there is some design flaw, they do not have measures to correct in in a timely manner.
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