WTF is it going to to take to get the security device from IB?????

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  1. WHAT THE HELL do I have to do to get the goddamn IB security device actually sent to me?

    You (IB) sent me the device to my old address. You never informed me it was coming. You just sent it. I had moved after you sent it and I had informed you of the address change. Yet it was sent to the old address.

    I was then (obviously) unable to log in then since you turned on the requirement of using the device that I didn't have.... I called and was given a temp pass code and a promise that the situation would be looked into. The new address of mine was verified as correct.

    A week passes. The temp passcode expires. I receive nothing from IB. No device. No email. No contact. Nothing.

    I call again as (of course) I cannot log in and I am given another temp passcode, a case number #421988 and a promise that I will get the device. I even got an email survey asking if I was happy with my recent C/S contact. I filled it out and mentioned my case number and asked to be contacted or have the device sent.

    It is now the third week. I again cannot access my TWS as the temp passcode expired and I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE GODDAMN DEVICE OR ANY SORT OF ADDITIONAL CONTACT FROM IB.

    WTF is it going to take to get you people to fix this?????? Three weeks, three phone calls and no device and no contact and I'm locked out from even contacting you via chat since I can't get into the Account Management.

    And obviously calling isn't doing any good.

    W.T.F IB?
  2. Their customer service is really bad.
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    EXACT SAME THING HERE!!! This is the 5th week I have had to call for a temp password. I am still being told it's on its way. Pretty friggin' ridiculous.
  4. 1. Please update your residentual address in Account Management.

    2. Call the following day and confirm the change has been reviewed and approved. We will verify your identity and process.

    3. Call the STP Hotline 203-618-4006. After your identity is verified again, IB will send a new device to the correct address.
  5. Fine. The address is correct and it has been verified/accepted by IB over three weeks ago.

    I called the number and got, guess what? The exact same story.

    1. Where's the one we sent you? It was sent to the wrong address. My address is correct in your system. I need a new one.

    2. Oh, OK, in the meantime, here's the temp passcode. Fine. Thanks. When will I get the device?

    3. I have no idea when you're going to get your device. We've had hundreds of calls just like yours. You're on the list. I don't know when it will be sent. Sigh..... can you turn off the passcode requirement in the meantime?

    4. No, then you would have no security. I can't do that. Fine. Since you have no idea when I'm going to get the device, can you lengthen my temp passcode expiration time so I don't have to call each week?

    5. No, the system automatically expires the code each week. I can't change that. OK, can you somehow push me up the list so I can get the device sooner so I don't have to keep calling?

    6. I'll do what I can, but there are hundreds of people who also need the device.

    What a crock. Same exact thing for three consecutive Mondays.

    Way to turn on a 'feature' you have absolutely no way of correctly supporting. I've been an IB client for almost 8 years now between this account and a former one. Way to treat a long term client.

    Nice job IB.
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    If you have been with IB for almost 8 years, you were using IB's trading platform in use prior to TWS. IB is a great broker; However, some of IB's customer service staff seem to not go out of their way to be helpful. The best IB help I get is here of ET.
  7. In the scheme of things this seems like a pretty minor situation. You get your passcode, you can access the system with it. Just keep following up if you don't get it. Evidently you've done what you can.

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    Exactly. I actually had the same problem, an old address, so I got a temp passcode and updated the address. When the temp passcode expired I called and got a new one and told the rep I still did not get the device. They verifed the address and ordered one for me. I got it three days later or so. All and all it was a 7-10 day process. Not a big deal especially since you can get temp 5-day passcodes till you receive the device.
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    I got a knock on the door, It was DHL asking for me to sign for a delivery. I open the package and I have some key chain security device from IB. Didn't even know it was coming.
  10. Their trading platform is good but their back office is
    a D- at best. I had multiple problems with them. They
    seem way over concerned with security. I understand
    to some degree but they are over the top. I hate that token crap.

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