WTF is going on in the ER2????

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bigbob, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. bigbob


    From about 10:00 to 10:18 cst (so far) someone is offering iceberg orders , 100 at a crack in the er2. Theyve held the market down while the es, ym, and nq rallied. They have easily sold 2,000 or more contracts. They started at 722.00 offer, then 721.70, then 721.50. It's 10:20 and they're still there at 721.50.

  2. sorry, my cat walked across my keyboard and hit my hot buttons, I will try and cancel those orders....
  3. thye have done the same thing with the YM too
    I was hedged ( 1 ym long ) and (1 NQ short ) and it seem the NQ managed to go dow and i even went long in the NQ but the YM seems like it cant go higher
    I know for sure somehting is F@@@ going on so i will look to short it
  4. bigbob


    10:25 and they're still @721.50.
  5. ozzy


    Yep. Huge sell @ 721.5.
  6. bigbob


    How does the quote go? "When you reach your puke point, it's a good time to double up"? Hope you held on, Ozzy.
  7. You got caught in a flow of LONG covering from some commercial probably..........someone locked in profits where they thought it may drop more.
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