wtf is Genius Funds? 1% DAILY dividend?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IronFist, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. At best, it's a Ponzi scheme, at worst a complete con job.

    Kiss your money good bye!
  2. Based in Cyprus.
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    Who is at the helm? Stocktrad3r?
  4. Therefore it's a 1% daily dividend paid in olives....the currency of Zeus.
  5. Obvious Ponzi scheme.

    Given address: 6 Karaiskakis Street, 3032 Limassol - Cyprus is a "serviced office" or "virtual office" with anything from a mail drop to a single cubicle available for rent.
  6. Their ratings page is worth a chuckle. Looks like they are selling calling cards.

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    Try the online chat; someone answers. They claim the minimum investment is $10.
  8. I have earned nearly $12,000.00 in profits from Genius Funds this year alone on $4,000.00 investment. Here is proof:

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    Haha, nice job getting in at the top of the pyramid.
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