WTF is Farve's problem?

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  1. i'm retired. i;m not. i'm retired. i'm not. i'm retired. i'm not!

    now i want to play for Miami. Tampa. Baltimore??

    WTF would he want to play for another team??

    i do not get it??!
  2. $$$
  3. $$$ is his problem?

    how about his legacy is that worth anything?
  4. This is a joke, right? It must be a joke because no one who follows sports could possibly believe that Favre would be considering another season to make money. What's he worth? $30MM? $50MM? More?

    The issue is ego. These great athletes simply cannot get their heads around the idea that they're finished and they cannot play the game anymore. Their sense of self is the sport. You take that away and for many of them, you take away the sense of self.

    Favre could be an ok QB for another year.

    That's why Tiger is so great. He won't give a shit once he's got that 19th major. In a few years he probably won't even play enough tournaments to be considered a member of the PGA Tour.
  5. As one living in Wisconsin, I love the guy, but am sick of the story. If he'll get you further than Rogers you go with him, if not trade, but no unconditional release b.s..
  6. An outstanding quarterback, and a sure Hall-of-Famer, but an irritating, self-absorbed, attention-hogging narcissist.
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    I think he made a very emotional decision (too close to the playoffs) to retire and now regrets it. Maybe he feels he needs to move to a different team to save face?

    I don't blame management for not letting him out of his contract.

    Whatever, he was/is a great QB.
  8. I think this could turn very ugly for the Packer front office. If he unretires and they don't release him, they have to pay him his huge contract. Does anyone honestly think they will pay him $13 mill or whatever it is to back up Aaron Rogers? The first INT Rogers tosses with Farve on the bench, the fans will burn down the coach's house.

    I don't really understand where the team is coming from on this. Does anyone honestly think the Pack is a better team with Rogers at QB? So they are annoyed at Farve. BFD, he is Brett friggin Farve, first ballot unanimous Hall of Fame. All this talk about the team "going a different direction" is insane. If there is a sliver of hope he will return, they should get down on their knees and beg. Repeatedly and publicly.

    As for talk they will trade him, it will never happen. Teams are not dumb. They are not going to take on his contract when they know the Packers will inevitably have to release him. If the Packers do trade him, then I believe they have to take a cap hit for the remaining value of his contract, $39 mill. What are the chances of that happening?

    The team has two options. Apologize for dissing Farve and beg him to lead them deep into the playoffs again. Or release him, and run the risk he leads another team deep into the playoffs. Hopefully one that plays their home games in the largest stadium in the league, plays in the premier division in the NFL, the NFC East, and whose owner is a brash kid who likes to hire big name players.
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    ...what the
  10. Packers management is out of their minds if they don't welcome Favre back with open arms.

    I could understand if they had a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady taking over. But Aaron Rogers.....???? WTF?
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