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  1. Why is ticker news on Mosaic/IBIS/whatever populated with this bullshit Often over half of the feed is clogged with these absurd opinion pieces from a blog?

    And why can't I filter out this garbage? I am your biggest fanboy but this is ridiculous.

    1/2 are from seekingalpha. If I wanted to hear from bus drivers then I'd take public transportation.


    A typical click thru (included in the above pic):
  2. Brighton


    You can filter them out by going to the wrenches in the upper right corners - see the image below - there is a gray wrench head and a yellow wrench.

    If these are new to your screen(s) I suspect they're part of the random IB "magic." I've never had Seeking Alpha pop up on its own, but I've had Reuters agriculture, energy and some other commodity topics disappear on their own.

  3. Great, and thanks. I should've looked closer. There are bullets for each provider.