WTF IB, why don't any of your features work - why release features that don't work?

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  1. So today I decided to use booktrader and see if i gain anything of value from reading the price-volume histogram in book trader.
    I took this screen shot around 10:00 after ES broke new lows and over 30k contracts traded from 1518.25 and 1516.00 and over course book trader histogram shows none of the volume. IB prime has to be a joke, who the hell with millions would trust a broker like this - releasing features that don't even work. i bet this problem as been in place for over a year and nothing has been done.
  2. People with millions wouldn't rely on and whine about their broker to provide them with free trading software and market data.
  3. i await the IB co-ksukers to chime and say that i'm lying that i faked the screenshot that i'm just a piker or whatever - lol.....happens all the time to anyone that points out a problem with Ib.........seriously IB, no more new features please - just make the existing features work.
    how about charts that don't have like a 5 second lag.
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    How much that cost ya newbie. :p
  5. a lot less than banging your mom
  6. makloda - yeah is all free and we get what we pay for so i guess i shouldn't complain much ------- but as a courtesy can IB please label all features like booktrader and charts as BETA so booktrader BETA and charts BETA that way we all know is still a 'work in progress'
    but as far as the free trading software - that's a BS arguement cause the average IB trader trades 1000 times more than any ordinary trader.......they have more active traders than any broker out there.
    and don't forget the hidden fee of no interest first 10k - which costs $500 a year.
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    Have you ever asked...
    if this works for everyone, why doesn't this work for me ???
  8. thats a reathorical question Tums, i'm pointing out a problem - and this is the first time i'm using obviously if you don't have this problem you can chime in and say hey i'm not having this problem the problem is on your side......and that raise a whole other issue has to why some features work for some people and not for others.
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    starting the thread with WTF will definitely get you some mileage.

    (not sure what kind of mileage though)
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    I completely agree with your IB analysis.

    IB is soooooooooo unreliable a broker.

    Just read here on ET the daily complaints regarding IB:

    a) data unreliable

    b) charts unreliable

    c) trade execution unreliable

    d) very poor customer service

    ...the complaints are never ending.

    IB has begun aggressive TV advertising hoping to snare gullible prey.

    Do NOT trust your $ with such an incompetent Broker as IB.

    I hope this helps any new trader.

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