WTF IB? Option assignment notices for non-existent securities

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by samovar, May 20, 2009.

  1. samovar


    Check this out:


    This past expiration Friday, I got a bunch of option notification assignments from Interactive Brokers, many of them being for securities I had never traded, and several for securities that don't exist (like the one for PZH in the screenshot above).

    Has anyone else had this stupendous experience with IB?

    Yesterday after market close, TWS displayed $120 less in Total Cash than the daily Activity Statement and my independent tracking.

    I'm not saying there is a connection, but IB is becoming worse and worse every day.
  2. heech


    PZH is the options root, not the underlying. Did you have any options for PNC?

    Not meant to be a blanket defense for IB. I get weeks-old option assignment notices, and also mysterious margin exceeded warnings.
  3. samovar


    Indeed, I has sold PNC.

    I've also got assignment notices for "BYO", "PWQ", the latter being PRU.

    How can I find out the underlying symbol, given an option's root?
  4. Weeks old? That would be great if it was a long back from March.

    I bet you'll take it.
  5. heech


    Nah, these are options that I wrote. I was receiving 04/09 expiration messages all the way through the middle of May.

    On the earlier question about roots... I don't know the answer. I just google around. (and probably numerous other sites) also shows the mapping from stock -> root, but not the other way around.