WTF happened to the block function?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by destriero, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. destriero


    I can ignore but not block.
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  2. Hopefully, it's just you. This motherfucker has actually scared me (and I am a BASE Jumper). He is AT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL (Blocking was invented for this type of "situation"):

    And I thought "themickey" was a problem...
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  3. destriero


    Baron killed the block function.
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Only for those that have been abusing it.
  5. destriero


    Abusing it? Adios. Close this account, thanks.
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  6. Hi @Baron,

    @destriero can be tough at times, but he has been helpful to many. And frankly, with the sudden appearance of "traderking007" posting, the blocking function can be useful for someone who interacts a lot, and comes across truly insane people. Not that we are exactly "normal", but you know...

    I am even nice to Ken now :)
  7. I've connected in real life with 2 8-figure traders who used to post here. They wouldn't bother participating here without block/ignore lists.

    @destriero has been super helpful - how many legit guys even interact with the general public, let alone respond directly to questions etc. Nobody does that. Why make it harder for them?

    How on earth can you "abuse" a block list? The drivel which is allowed here is disgusting, while the real industry pros aren't supported by management. This has all been discussed before. I just don't understand the motive.

    @ChipShotTrader thanks for speaking up. These trolls are like that one kid in school who goofs around and hold the whole class back. Controlling our "peers" is up to us if we wish to be able to interact with professionals. Otherwise we all get what we deserve.

    Yeah, kill my nick too please. Better use of time elsewhere.
  8. Baron

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    Great. They would have access to the block feature without any problem whatsoever.

    He puts an annoying user on his block list so that person can't see his posts and he can't see theirs. Ok, fine no problem.

    But then whenever destriero wants to talk shit about that user, what he does is take that user off his block list for a few seconds so he can submit an insulting reply. As soon as he submits the post, he puts the user right back on his block list so the user can't actually see what's been posted. So this misuse of the block system enables him to talk shit about people without them being able to read his posts, and most importantly, it prevents them from having the ability to respond since they are blocked.

    The problem of course is that people eventually find out through the grapevine that they are being insulted, and then the insulted user complains to Magna or myself that he can't read what Destriero is posting about him, and if he is able to read what Destriero posted somehow (by hearing about it from another member or by logging out and reading as an unregistered user), he can't even post a response back since he's on Destriero's block list.

    This game playing with the block feature is unacceptable. Period. And it's a huge waste of my time dealing with complaints from users about this same issue over and over, and over again.
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  9. stepan7


    In this case you should eliminate "Ignore List" and "Block" function for everyone otherwise it's not fair.
  10. Baron

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    That's like saying we should take everybody's drivers licenses away because it's not fair to the people that lost their licenses because of the DUI's they got from drunk driving.
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