WTF handing 1.15 billion to haiti?!?!

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Do you think handing more money to other countries is a good idea

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  1. Why not instead not go another 1.15 billion helping other countries, We have schools and infrastructure than need rebuilding and fixing here.

    This is why we are in this situation, we are the policeman of the world on our dime and the fixer of all countries issues on our dime.
  2. Ricter


    If we rebuild their infrastructure we score points with the ACS, and we reenable the unhindered flow of resources out of their country. Get even, boycott coffee!
  3. Do you think handing more money to other countries is a good idea?

    Yes if we limit compensation to the heads of state @30 USD a day and they promise to cut back on the A/C, hey we got foiking ice bergs melting up north.
  4. you do realize that this is less than a week of war spending?
  5. It is still money, We need to stop policing the world and blowing up then rebuilding + this stuff as well.
  6. Ricter


    Think of it this way: we're rebuilding a factory for $1.5 billion and we expect to get it all back and more in sales and profit.
  7. You do realize 80% of Haitians live in absolute poverty? There average GDP is $1900. And thats before the earthquake.
  8. Ricter


    I do. But it's not they who sell our companies coffee beans.
  9. It actually was $1900 per capita in 2009 but probably is closer to my original number now I would say. Besides that please enlighten me as to how these coffee bean companies can pay this money back to the taxpayer.
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    Even in the most automated coffee factories here there are probably still at least a couple of American taxpayers still working.
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