WTF Fox News Snubs Ron Paul

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chewbacca, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. the out raised EVERY CANDIDATE in Q3 of 2007..........and beat the crap out of guiliani in Iowa..........and fox snubs him.........RLMAO

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  2. Polling over 4% nationally might help
  3. Ron Paul is a complete clown going nowhere.
  4. Ron Paul is a piece of GARBAGE!!.

    He was exposed as a racist in 1996, and his association with Neo-nazi and the Neo-confederates proves it.
  5. No, he's intelligent. Some folks who don't know any better confuse this with being a clown. Now go off and vote for whichever candidate cons you the best.
  6. that's why he's ourraising every repbulican and he kicked guiliani's ass in Iowa and will do the same in NH............he'd should just say fuck you to the as a libertarian and hand over the presidency to obama, who will at least protect civil liberties.
  7. if the tone of the schoolyard hecklers here is any indication, Paul must really be gaining ground
  8. Yeah you're right, only a clown could come up with ideas like small government, minimal taxation, stable currency, economic prosperity & non-intervention. Oh wait, and personal liberty.

    Go back to the idiotic rhetoric being fed to you and keep on being treated like a child. Just don't be surprised when & why the sh*t hits the fan.
  9. His speeches are disconnected rambles. But you may be right so he could appeal to the ignorant. Still a no hoper going nowhere.
  10. Are you really gullible enough to believe Obama? It's like George Bush saying that he is protecting our freedom with the War on Terrorism while pushing Patriot & Military Commissions Acts through Congress.

    Obama stands for expanding the Federal Government. There is no way that can result in more liberty, only less. Wake up!

    Only Ron Paul and a couple other candidates (who remain obscure) talk about the REAL issues and direct focus on them. The rest just pay lip service and avoid what is really going on.
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