WTF, Euro is above 1.50

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Galatia, Feb 26, 2008.

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    What on earth happened to Euro? I wonder if there're any news that i've missed.
  2. Did you just wake up from a coma or something? The Euro has been on an upward trend for awhile now. I would hardly think that $1.50 should come as a shock to you. What else have you missed out on? Very sad... :)

    Seriously, there was a German economic report very early this morning that caused a lot of the run up since yesterday. The rest was probably just market forces at work pummeling the dollar as usual.
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  4. Interesting that the move through 1.50 came so late in the session...
  5. pump that oil with the cheap dollar, spring is coming.
  6. Oil prices baby, oil prices.
  7. By 2010 will be over 2
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    it would take that long?
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