Wtf...consensus for March Payrolls

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  1. Did I read that right? Economists are calling for 300,000 jobs created in the March payroll number released in beginning April?

    Have we totally lost our faculties at this point? Did I miss a memo?
  2. Is that with the "birth-death rate adjustment"?

    They "presume MANY small business start-ups".

    Election coming up, you know.
  3. Obama is truly the messiah, the miracle-man....
  4. Should be thought of as a "new age alchemist"... The ones way back when, tried to turn lead into gold.

    Obama is turning "sugar into shit"... and he couldn't care less.

    :mad: :mad:
  5. Does anyone honestly think we created 300,000 jobs?

    Is it all government? Perhaps this is the census crap we've been hearing about?
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    Census has been in effect for the past 2 or 3 months. The only sectors that gained jobs over the 24 month recession, according to the NFP employment summaries, were temp workers, Government and healthcare.

    In fact, if Government and temp jobs were removed, losses would be much steeper (20-70K, per month).

    Construction, Manufacturing, IT and professional services, food and (retail), have enjoyed consistent, deep losses MOM.

    I'm starting to think Buylow and others, might be right. There's no job creation happening. It's all bullshit. Government and scabs does not fuel demand or income. Government workers = higher fiscal deficit and scabs = lower wages for the private sector. This is not growth! Actually quite disturbing when I think about it. I heard unsold inventory of homes and condos is 20 million units. It's nuts. When is this supposed recovery gonna materialize?

    Lets see where the 300K jobs come from. Maybe prop trading on Goldys desk. Who knows.
  7. Must allow it to "break" further to really FIX IT.

    Go back to grazing, nothing to see here.

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    The jobs they are adding are mostly for the consensus, so yes job growth of 100k-300k is going to be a probable case for the MARCH 2010 payroll numbers.

    Of course the 1 million + hired for the consensus will be let go by mid to end of 2010.
  9. The 2010 is hiring many part-time temps for a few weeks to a few months!

    These will skew the numbers. Let's see what the real numbers are when the Census is done.
  10. The BLS has no seasonal adjustment for census workers, so much of that number is attributable to census hiring. Also, some believe that the Feb blizzard skewed the Feb #'s, which will be made up in March. I don't think a +500K print is out of the question sometime over the next 2-3 months.
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