WTD: San Francisco Traders with Friends Who Hate Talking to Them

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Cliff D, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Cliff D

    Cliff D

    Hey ET community,

    I work in data analytics for a tech company but I'm leaving to pursue trading as a career. I think my friends are sick of hearing me talk about markets. Does anybody else have a similar issue and want to meet up to talk shop over a beer?

  2. Cswim63


    What markets are you incessantly talking about?
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  3. I had that issue back in the early 1990's . May i suggest different friends?
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  4. I'm dying over here


    I have that issue now, and have lost all my friends as a result... Will you be my friend?
  5. Cliff D

    Cliff D

    Ha, I'm glad you appreciated the humor in my post.

    What markets am I talking about?
    How about financial markets in general? What kind of troll question is that? I am aware that many people posting on here are largely responsible for the reason a handful of people are able to make a career from trading. This is not very much different than in almost anything else, take for example golf handicaps. Tell me this, in the US, does the distribution of handicaps follow a normal distribution? How about for females?

    The contention that I "have no friends and am begging for them"
    Troll. The reality of the situation is this...given how few successful traders there are and that only a portion of them are quants what is the likelihood of any person (much less a trader) knowing or being introduced to one? Further, many successful traders are considered by some of their peers as undiagnosed Aspergers which likely only lowers the probability of meeting/knowing one.

    What I will say is that back in 2011 when very few tech firms knew how to use large data sets for predictive analytics/recommendation algorithms/conversion probability myself and other data folks routinely responded to threads just like the one I posted. Maybe the finance community is less collaborative than I initially thought...or maybe SF just doesn't have as many quants coming from tech as I initially thought.
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  6. i960


    Yeah, which markets?
  7. Congratulations,...It's a brave man who takes control of his own destiny."
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  8. garachen


    I'll listen to you talk about trading. That's all I do all day anyway.
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  9. toucan


  10. Say mister, you sure are a good listener... Not much of a talker though
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