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  1. Did anyone see it? I saw it last night here in NYC, and I felt that Oliver Stone did an excellent job of portraying the events of that day. It brought back so many memories of that day, but left images in my head, one in particular showing the LIRR/MNR train full of folks headed into manhattan on that morning, the #2 subway line full of folks and the S.I. Ferry pulling into the harbor before the attacks.

    You can guess what those train shots looked like the day after.

    You have to see the movie, just my opinion.
  2. haven't seen it yet, but i definitely will soon. have seen "United 93" though..

    i do think that tagline they're using is lame though.. "the world saw evil that day" ..lame.
  3. United 93 was a much better movie, in my opinion. I thought WTC was just plain cheesy and not worth seeing. I will agree some of the cinematography was first rate but the story line was like a TV movie.
  4. Snakes On A Plane looks interesting.

  5. "Miami Vice" was better than all the movies listed here.....LOL!

    Saw "WTC" today and I would say it was ok....nothing that great.
  6. I haven't seen WTC. And I don't know if I want to.
    In a weird twist though, my Uncle was one of the few FDNY to be pulled from the rubble and my Father is in the movie.
  7. hey tik, pm me.. when you coming to nyc again?
  8. i just read "jesus christ" is in this movie ..oh no :(
  9. Pabst


    You just might make in SoFla my friend....:D
  10. Yes.....I am going to go and see "Miami Vice" again......something to do on a Sunday night before this movie is no longer showing in my area.

    Looking forward to "Crank" next week (same actor as the "Transporter" movies)......LOL! :D
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