WTB: The Stock Trader by Tony Oz

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by jho, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. jho


    I don't have this one in my library yet. Does anyone want to let their copy go for cheaper than Amazon prices?

    Hey it's worth a shot :D
  2. I have a copy, but I am keeping it.

    I saw a copy on sale on Ebay for $570.

    Sold in about 2 days.

    Good luck

  3. jho


    That is insane. Last night I swear a copy came up for $55.00 but it was gone within 2 minutes, I went to buy it and it was gone. I swear someone must have had an automated book arbitrage system up ... geeze.
  4. Pretty good book.

    But it's still a book.
  5. I have a copy, PM with your offer!
  6. nitro


    I have two brand new copies of "How to take money from Wall Street". The spine has never been broken. I don't remember how I got them, I think the Expo. Make me an offer.

  7. newtoet


  8. jho


    Ahh thanks newtoet but I don't eat McDonalds. That crap goes in and out of me within 10 minutes :)
  9. newtoet


    Maybe you don't, but Nitro does.

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