WTB - Secrets of the Option Premium Ratio

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  1. Although you want to buy this book, I was not able to find any copies for sale. Other than contacting the publisher or author, maybe you could borrow it and make copies of the pages.

    Accrording to worldcat.org there is a library copy at:

    Baruch College
    William and Anita Newman Library

    Call number / Location HG4661 .C33 1994 (non circulating)

    New York, NY 10010 United States

    There may be other libraries around the country that have a copy of this book. I did a search using Washington DC as my location because I happened to be near there this weekend and was thinking Library of Congress.

    Intriguing title.
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  2. ktm


    "Secrets"? Published in a book? I'm confused.
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    A 25 year old book about P/C ratios. OIC.