WSJ says Singapore has 0% Capital gains tax

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    100% profits no taxes in Singapore.
  2. That is not Singapore, that is Mumbai as your link says.

    This is Singapore.

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  3. BUSTED!!!

    Mumbai, Singapore, what's the difference to a brain dead liberal?

    Noob-trader should go work for MSNBC. That way he can make up all the lies he wants and nobody would care.
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    They got a Walmart?
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    liberals... you cant live with them. they can't live without us.
  6. A couple of years ago we went to Australia to visit my wife's family. Since we were on that side of the planet we decided to also spend a few days in Singapore. What an amazing place. I'd like to go back again.
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    The thing I remember most about Singapore was the cleanliness of the subway. It was practically gleaming.

    BTW, I don't ever remember reading that Singapore doesn't tax cap gains, can anybody verify that?

    Hmmm, remembering my last Singapore Sling......
  8. Quite well known that Hong Kong & Singapore have 0% capital gains taxes as well as exempt from all foreign-source income.
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