WSJ reporting more investigations into scumbag rumor mongers

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  1. Yep, those sweet fellas that run hedge funds might have to wear rubber diapers for the next few weeks, as the SEC gets closer to finding out who and how.

    I have no doubt they are guilty, it's just a question of proof.
  2. Oh, yeah, you idiots that like to comment about how we shouldn't bash short sellers, save your breath.
  3. Did you know that we shortsellers were the same "idiots" that pushed up the market between 2003 and 2007? While delusional bulls like yourself were losing from left to right since the market peaked in 2007, we shortsellers (or whatever) were raking in profits. When the market reverses once again, you can count on us to give you idiots a helping hand. Now stop bitching so much and learn how to trade!
  4. Safe to assume you have no problems with Chris Cox coming out 3 days ahead of the BSC collapse and saying they have no liquidty issues?

    Scumbag lies come on both sides.
  5. WSJ reporting more investigations into scumbag rumor mongers

    Sounds like a rumor to me.
  6. I thought I told you bashers to save your breath.

    Do you have problems following instructions?
  7. hey shat stuffer- go back in your hole
  8. Let's see how brave our CNBC 'guest host' heroes are when the man says, 'raise your right hand.'

    Unfortunately, the pigs from Greenwich have invited the Feds and their old Pals the Democrats in, and we are about to get a massive wave of regulation. We will get a huge short squeeze, and you'd better hope you catch it. Because by the time this is over, you'll need a note from Mommy to trade.

    I hear today some offshore Hedgies have had their money frozen. I can't tell if it's a clearing firm, or the Feds. My bet is, it's the money laundering / fraud guys are finally getting the subpoenas from the Judges, and delivering same. If thats the case, indictments tomorrow. That's how they work.

    In any event, this is the final act of a terrible time.
  9. A real intellect.

    My, my. Tax fraud. Gee, Seven. Not only do they steal our money, they don't want to pay taxes on it. LOL.

    Ends with the FEDS. Only way to stop it.
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